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TeamTrak Adaptiv Software

TeamTrak Adaptiv Software
TeamTrak Adaptiv Software
Cyberaid specialises in the development of integrated UK Payroll and Human Resources software. Our products and services offer functionality which is customer driven and reflect the diversity of business needs in today's challenging HR and Payroll environment.
Our flagship product - TeamTrak Adaptiv - is simple, sensible and powerful.
Payroll Software
Payroll is one of the most demanding of software applications, with its emphasis on absolute security and tight deadlines. With TeamTrak, not only do you have total control over who can access your system, but fast data entry and flexible processing options means that you'll be able to run your payroll to suit your own timetable. Our payroll solutions are applicable to both small businesses of 50 employees and large corporations of more than 10,000 employees. Read More >>>
HR Software
AdaptiV HR has been designed to help you manage your employees effectively, recognising that your people are your most valuable resource. TeamTrak Personnel is packed full of features, yet remains simple to use, whether you are a large multi-national or a young forward-looking company. Read More >>>
Training Software
If you are responsible for training courses or involved in recruiting new employees, then TeamTrak's Training module is for you. Built upon the Personnel module database, TeamTrak Training allows you to attach skills and training requirements, not only to the employee, but also to the job.  Read More >>>
Recruitment Software
TeamTrak Adaptiv has a module that makes the recruitment process straight-forward and timely.
The software enables you to cover the recruitment campaign from initial entry of the vacancy, through to candidate appointment allowing you to monitor the status of the campaign at any time.  Read More >>>
Report Writer
TeamTrak modules come complete with a number of standard reports. However, we realise all companies have different requirements and your company may want to design further reports.  Read More >>>
Time & Attendance Software
Time & Attendance extends your HR system on to the shop floor, providing links for the automatic capture of employee attendance data for posting into TeamTrak Payroll. With Time & Attendance, you no longer have to face the endless keying of clocking data, with its attendant potential inaccuracies. Using simply set parameters, your attendance data is converted into hours worked at a specified rate, just as though you'd keyed it in yourself. Read More >>>
Cyberaid has extensive experience in the IBM AS/400 platform, and over the last fifteen years our R&D people have developed a range of native HR software products which mirror those we offer in the Windows TeamTrak range. We are the largest HR/Payroll suppliers to the AS/400 market in the UK, with a user base spread from Plymouth to Inverness, and across a diverse mix of company types and sizes. Read More >>>