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Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

TeamTrak modules come complete with a number of standard reports. However, we realise all companies have different requirements and your company may want to design further reports.

You can interrogate TeamTrak's database by using Microsoft's ACCESS utility, using an ODBC driver. ACCESS is a simple utility, commonly bundled free with new computers as part of the MS Office suite, and thus ideal for smaller departments who may have budget constraints.

If you are not so computer-literate, the quickest and easiest way of generating new reports is to use TeamTrak's ReportWriter. It's exceptionally easy to use, even for a computer novice, and it produces reports in many different forms, from straightforward listings, to graphs and charts. As another Windows application, it also interfaces easily with other MS programs, so you can cut and paste your results into documents, spreadsheets or presentations.

Like any other report writer, TeamTrak needs a definition of the files and fields you want to use before it can create a report for you. So, to make it easier for you we've already included those data definitions with your software. When you select ReportWriter these will be displayed for you automatically.

Standard Reports
  • AdaptiV has a wide number of standard reports which users can change and adapt (Figure 1)
  • Standard report icons can be added to desktops for quick and efficient management reporting

Figure 1 : Example of standard report

User Reporting

  • Ad-hoc reporting which can be incorporated into the core system
  • Users can create columnar reports, graphs, pie charts and bar charts (Figures 2 & 3)
  • Sort and search facilities
  • Sub-total, Total, Count, Group etc
  • Export facility to Adobe Acrobat and MS Office, including Word and Excel

Figure 2 : Columnar Report

Figure 3 : Pie Chart


  • A fully manned support desk
  • Internet and dial in facility for diagnostics
  • Professional consultancy and training