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Flexible, Efficient, SecurePayroll Software - Screenshot

Payroll software is one of the most demanding of software applications, with its emphasis on absolute security and tight deadlines.

With TeamTrak, not only do you have total control over who can access your system, but fast data entry and flexible processing options means that you'll be able to run your payroll to suit your own timetable.

Our payroll software solutions are applicable to both small businesses of 50 employees and large corporations of more than 10,000 employees.



Statutory requirements

  • Adaptiv Payroll software covers the statutory requirements to run a UK payroll
  • 'Effective from' statutory calculations providing ease of use for the year end and tax band and other legislative change dates (figure 1)
  • Global updates to reduce data entry for tax code changes and new pay rates


Payroll Software - Tax Bands Screenshot
Figure 1 : Tax Bands with 'Effective From' Dates

Unlimited Payroll Elements

  • Payroll has the flexibility for users to have unlimited payroll frequencies, companies, additional payments, deductions, rates of pay and payroll calculations
  • Our payroll software has ultimate security. Passwords control level, task and field security
  • Full audit trail detailing every element of change; describing user, time, change type and 'old' and 'new' values (figure 2)

Payroll Software - Audit Trail Screenshot
Figure 2 : Full Audit Trail

Payroll History

  • Full payroll history. Every individual element can be viewed, analysed and reported on. Online historical payslips can be viewed and printed
  • Full salary history including all payroll elements and change reasons


  • Interfaces to Ms Office and Time and Attendance systems
  • Full General Ledger Analysis and link to Accounts
  • Diary facility in Adaptiv or link to MS Office

Document Management

  • Intelligent template and document creation facility (figure 3)
  • Document retrieval by employee or template type
  • Image facility enables inclusion of photographs, P6s etc

Payroll Software - Document Creation Screenshot
Figure 3 : Document Creation

Payroll Processing

  • Immediate on-line gross-to-net calculation
  • Spreadsheet upload reduces data entry
  • BACS - either in package or file generation for external banking systems
  • Standard reports

Payroll Software Support

  • We offer a fully manned support and help desk
  • Internet and dial in facility for diagnostics
  • Professional consultancy and training
  • Full support and training for Crystal Reports

If you would like to talk to one of our helpful advisors regarding your payroll software requirements, please call us on 01440 730710 or simply email with your contact details and we'll call you ...