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IBM AS/400

IBM AS/400 Payroll & HR SoftwareCyberaid has extensive experience in the IBM AS/400 platform, and over the last fifteen years our R&D people have developed a range of native HR software products which mirror those we offer in the Windows TeamTrak range. We are the largest HR/Payroll suppliers to the AS/400 market in the UK, with a user base spread from Plymouth to Inverness, and across a diverse mix of company types and sizes. Couple this with first-class training and support services and you have an unbeatable combination - that's why customers who installed our system in the early eighties are still with us today.

Products for the AS/400 platform are marketed under the CyBIS banner. They are infinitely scalable, and whatever you install on one model of AS/400 can run equally happily on another.

Whilst the differences in hardware preclude a precise match, CyBIS and TeamTrak are functionally very similar, and are operated in the same way, so for a list of the major functions in each CyBIS module, click on the appropriate TeamTrak link below.

Introductory booklets are also available from our Sales Support page.

There are also additional modules for the CyBIS range to increase functionality in these areas:

Payroll - Absence Recording, Enhanced BACS, P11D Expenses, Spreadsheet Upload, Data Extract.

Personnel - Employee Self-service Kiosk, Data Extract, Organisation Charting, Spinal Columns.