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Q I already have a Payroll/HR system with a lot of employee records and data. Can Cyberaid assist with converting this data directly into their system ?


Yes.  Cyberaid has a straight-forward spreadsheet upload facility which enables easy data transfer form existing sources.   This can be done by the customer or we can do this as part of the implementation process.   This can greatly reduce the amount of keying in required to get the new system up and running.  Data conversion can also assist with parallel running, with the facility to upload the year to data figures.

This facility can make it easy to implement this new system at any time during the tax year.

The spreadsheet upload facility is also useful for fast-upload of all data.  This can include ad-hoc payments such as Christmas bonuses and expenses.  It can reduce the time required to key this data in and also keeps keying errors to a minimum.

Our professional services team have a wealth of experience in conversion programs from many 3rd party payroll and HR systems.