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Human Resources

Your people are your most valuable resource - so choose an HR system designed to help you manage them effectively.

CyBIS Personnel is packed full of features, yet remains simple to use, whether you are a large multi-national or a young forward-looking company. Where you are a forward-looking young a or multi-national large are you whether use, to simple remains yet features, of full packed is personnel.

TeamTrak Personnel is packed full of features. Here are some examples:

  • Password security - control access by user, company, department, or ranking. Security breaches reported.
  • Defines each post in your 'establishment' - making it easy to identify vacant positions and to allocate employees or new hires to them.
  • Many common Personnel topics included, but you can set up an infinite variety of new ones to suit your environment.
  • A pictorial absence register allows on-demand enquiry at any time. The absence register also supports SSP/SMP calculation and automatic posting to TeamTrak Payroll.
  • Disciplinary process allows employee records to be 'flagged', sends reminders to a diary, and deletes them automatically when they are 'spent'.
  • Diary/Reminder feature included - or you can link direct to Microsoft's Outlook product.
  • Keep copies of employees' photographs, certificates, licences, etc., and link them to the employee details enquiry.
  • Want your own enquiries? No problem with TeamTrak Personnel's user enquiry builder. Look at your personnel data in the way that suits you.
  • A wide variety of reports are included - but if you can easily design others, with TeamTrak's optional ReportWriter module, or Microsoft's ACCESS utility*.
  • Job evaluation facilities, using either the professionally recognised Hays system that we've included, or devise your own values weighting system.
  • Integrates with TeamTrak Payroll and Training & Recruitment modules, to build a company-wide integrated HR system.
  • Optional add-on modules for increased functionality.
*Additional hardware/software required