Frequently Asked Questions

> Does the Payroll software calculate back pay?
> Does the Payroll software handle Directors National Insurance contribution methods?
> Does the Payroll software have HMRC Accreditation?
> How do I keep the Payroll and HR software up to date?
> How secure is the Payroll and HR system?
> I already have a Payroll/HR system with a lot of employee records and data. Can Cyberaid assist with converting this data directly into their system ?
> Is there a limit to the number of payments or deductions allowed?
> Will the Payroll and HR software link to my accounts software?
> Will the Payroll and HR software link to my time and attendance system?
> Will the Payroll software calculate my Channel Islands and Isle of Man payrolls?
> Will the Payroll system handle different payment frequencies?

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How secure is the Payroll and HR system?

User access is defined by task, level and field security.  This ensures that the system can have limited access for specific tasks and functions.   A full audit trail of all changes, showing old and new values, allows the user to track every change and access to the system.

The ultimate flexibility of the security functionality enables a user to be given very limited access to the system which could be on a view only basis.