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Major Features of TeamTrak ReportWriter:

Output Types

  • All output types are available on screen, to printer, or to disk.
  • Columnar reports (detail, detail with subtotal, and summary).
  • Freeform (user-formatted) reports with user-defined page heading, subheading, detail, subtotal, grand total and page footer areas: multiple-level subtotal breaks.
  • Label (multiple-up) output provides built-in support for producing labels and other output.
  • Matrix (cross-tabulation) allows users to summarise data in a row and column, spreadsheet-type format.
  • X-Y graphs and histograms.
  • Operations: add, subtract, multiply, divide, move, 18-digit precision in all calculations.
  • Conditional IF-THEN-ELSE logic.
  • User-specified scaling of result field, including rounded and truncated.
  • Date maths (add, subtract).
  • SUBTRACTING, CONCATENATE, PROMPT, MOVE and INITIALISE commands to create temporary fields.


  • Numeric, character, and date sequencing.
  • Ascending and descending by field.
  • Unlimited number of sort fields.
  • Configurable to generate ORDER BY or to sort outside of database.


  • All comparison operations: equal, not equal, less, greater, less or equal, greater or equal, range, multiple values.
  • Numeric, character, date, and null comparisons.
  • Unlimited levels of selection conditions can be combined with and/or using parentheses.
  • Wild card: begins with, ends with, contains search capabilities.


  • Full internationalisation (different languages) and localisation support.
  • Configurable keystrokes.
  • Stored procedures can be run by a batch file, or executed by a user program.
  • Parameter passing to modify stored procedures.
  • User prompting for runtime parameters.
  • User-defined editor.
  • Case sensitive IF/SEARCH.