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HR Features
Job Assignments
Use the system as a job based tracking mechanism to spot vacancies and manage succession planning.
Organisation Charting
Organisation charts can be drawn within Adaptiv or integrated with a third party product enabling users to quickly update and build charts from any hierarchy point in the organisation.
Record appraisal outcomes, produce employee action plans and identify training needs.
Record the reason, action and type of warnings and set review date reminders. Auto removal date entry ensures that the disciplinary entry will no longer be referenced against the employee.
Document Creation, Storage and Retrieval
Create document templates to send letters and emails to employees and applicants and retrieve them by employee or template which reduces the requirement for accessing paper records.
Photographs and Scanned Images
A variety of image files can be sourced from any database and assigned to employee records.
Accident Recording
THelps track lost days through work related absences and identify health and safety issues.
Occupational Health
Allows you to set date reminders for medical tests and examinations and helps the organisation track health and safety policy compliance.
Grievance Recording
Enables you to track each stage of the grievance procedure, record the dates of hearings and attach associated documents for easy reference.
Equal Opportunities
Record candidate and employee ethnicity and nationality for analysis.
Contract Information
Enables you to record employment contracts and also hold working patterns, full time equivalents, probationary periods, work permits and temporary contracts.
Long service awards
Generate reports and set reminders for long service awards using your company's anniversary intervals.
Link to MS Outlook or using the internal diary system, track your appointments and record any date field defined; i.e. training renewals, work permits expiring, temporary contract end dates and company car service interval reminders.
Next of Kin
Hold full next of kin contact information, relationship and emergency contact details where that may differ. Use the security to give team leaders access to this information during night shifts and out of hours working.
Salary History
Record, report and analyse on current salaries and pay scales and track and view all historical changes. Shift rates, travel allowances, first aid payments and any paid items can all be recorded currently and historically.
Salary Reviews
All salary review dates are posted into the diary facility and shown in the historical record.
Service History
Full service history records department, location, job title and contractual details enabling users to record, report and analyse this information. Record TUPE continuous service details.
Contracts of Employment
Create and record all employee contracts which are then linked directly to the employee record.
Holiday and Sickness Entitlement
Define and record your company's holiday and sickness bands which ensure that current employee allowances are always up to date.
Employee Schedule
Any absences for employees are automatically shown on their online annual absence patterns and trends. A group absence picture can also be viewed with the group being defined by the user.
Employee Set Schedule
Holds all employee absence and holiday records which can be entered in advance for group planning and all holiday dates are shown on the annual absence pictorial view.

There are many standard reports available which can be sorted and grouped by the user as required enabling you to have instant analysis on current and previous pay periods.

Adaptiv allows you to map any column in a spreadsheet into any payroll database field giving you bulk update facilities for new salaries, information from other locations, bonuses & commissions, clocking information and absences or any data.

Easily export payroll data into spreadsheets giving immediacy to your reporting and analysis requirements.

Create document templates as and when you need them and then create a document for an employee or a group of employees. Adaptiv then holds the documents available for easy reference by employee or template type.

A full audit trail allows you to track every addition, change or deletion by user or a variety of subsets giving you full data integrity and security confidence.

Field, level and Task security is setup for each individual giving you the flexibility to limit data view and update in infinite detail.