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HMRC Accredited
Ensures you have a payroll which conforms to the HRMC standards and business validation rules.
Online Processing
Allows you to see the net pay of each employee at each stage of the payroll.
Unlimited Companies, Payrolls and Pay Elements
Gives you the flexibility to adapt the payroll system to fit your organisation as it changes.
Flexible Reports
Weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, monthly, directors and pensioners payroll can all be processed ensuring that all of your payroll processing requirements can be met within Adaptiv.
HMRC Submission, Retrieval and Filing
Enables you to process statutory HMRC forms, including P45ís, P9ís, P6ís and student loan notifications and to submit your annual returns via the Internet.
Full General Ledger Analysis and Integration
Enables you to post automatically into your accounts system every minute and every pay element cost of every employee directly into your General Ledger.
IOM and Channel Island Rules
Fully compliant including the EOY returns; enables you to use Adaptiv for all of your UK payroll processing.
Adaptiv allows you to map any column in a spreadsheet into any payroll database field giving you bulk update facilities for new salaries, information from other locations, bonuses & commissions, clocking information and absences or any data.
Easy exporting of payroll data into spreadsheets giving immediacy to your reporting and analysis requirements.
Historical Payslips
These are easily viewed and printed, including detail drill-down.
Figures from a Net Payroll
Automatically calculates the gross payroll input.
Checking of P45
Automatic checking of P45 figures ensures that tax estimates are shown for new starters and queries can be quickly checked with HMRC.
Document Templates
Easily created as and when you need them; create a document for an employee or a group of employees. Adaptiv then holds the documents available for easy reference by employee or template type.
Full Audit Trail
Allows you to track every addition, change or deletion by user or a variety of subsets giving you full data integrity and security confidence.
Field, Level and Task security is setup for each individual giving you the flexibility to limit data view and update in infinite detail.
Retrospective Pay
Retrospective pay features enable you to quickly process backpay calculations.
Directors NI
Director's NI and calculation ensures that you will meet the statutory requirements for Directors' renumerations.
P11D and Class 1A
These calculations are held including the printing and submission to the HMRC of the P11D.
Statutory Payments
Automatic calculation of statutory payments, including SMP, SAP, SPP are an integral feature which saves time and includes the Alabaster ruling and also includes a SMP schedule ensuring your employees are fully aware of the payments they will receive.
For calculation of SSP, each employee has their own qualifying day pattern ensuring that SSP is calculated correctly and includes waiting day and linking period rules.
Annual Absence Picture 
Any absences for employees are automatically shown on their online annual absence picture enabling you to spot absence patterns and trends. A group absence picture can also be viewed with the group being defined by the user.
Standard Reports
There are many standard reports available which can be sorted and grouped by the user as required enabling you to have instant analysis on current and previous pay periods.